Four major ways of maintaining custom homes

A custom-built home can be a good investment. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you take care of it effectively to ensure it stays in the best condition for a long time. But, many homeowners do not bother with the maintenance, and eventually, it’s the loss of their huge investment.

How do you care for your custom home and ensure it is in good shape for a long period of time? Check out our blog to find out the answers.

How do you maintain your custom home?

Find out the top ways to keep your customized home in the following article.

1. Deep cleaning: It is essential to conduct an annual deep cleaning in your house. It’s not obvious, however, that there are many areas of your home that are not cleaned, which can lead to the accumulation of dust over the course of time. A thorough cleaning process ensures that no area of your home is neglected, and in the end, it ensures that the cleanness of your home is maintained to the highest standards.

2. Plumbing: The plumbing system is easily the most vulnerable component of your house. Therefore, it is essential to look after the same. No matter if it’s a tap, flush, or any other thing, be patient and make sure that any minor flaws are fixed without wasting time. Water leaks can cause much damage making sure you do not allow the water to be spread in any way.

3. HVAC system: The HVAC system needs regular maintenance. If it’s not maintained effectively your entire home is affected, thereby reducing the life span of the system. Make sure you regularly service the system and clean the system regularly. Contact us if you are looking for home builders in Gainesville Fl.

4. Seek help from experts: There’s no problem to seek help from experts. In the end, custom-built home is an expensive investment. It is possible to contact experts, conduct an annual check-up of your home, and determine what area of your house needs attention. This is a sure method to maintain your home’s custom condition for a long period of time.

These are the most effective ways to maintain the home that you have built. If you’d like to know more or are searching for new home construction in Gainesville Fl, you can trust our builders to complete the task right. We have a wealth of expertise and an impressive portfolio of custom-designed homes. For more information about our custom home builders, contact us at 386-755-9314.

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Why is it Crucial to Choose the Right Home Builder? Click here to get your best answer.

Top ways to choose the custom home design

The custom home design you select decides a lot about your lifestyle a few years later. Thus, it’s crucial that you select the correct custom home design for yourself. However, that’s a difficult task. Our custom home builder Gainesville FL team lists certain ways to choose the custom home design for yourself.

How do you choose the design of your custom home?

Check out the top ways to choose the custom home design of your house below.

1) The location: The location you desire to design your house plays a major role in terms of designing the design of your custom home.

The design for your custom home largely depends on the location you decide to go with. For instance, a few locations aren’t much suitable for backyards, while some of them aren’t suitable for huge gardens.

Thus, before you choose the design of your custom home, ensure that you consider the location of your home.

2) Your lifestyle: The custom home you select must obviously meet your lifestyle. Do you desire to give a huge playground-like garden to your kids?

Ensure that the custom home design you select matches your vision and lifestyle completely. If it doesn’t, you might have to regret several aspects later on. Thus, the next rule for choosing the custom home design; ensure that it matches your lifestyle.

3) Listen to builders: Who else can guide you better than the experts or say builders themselves? Listen to builders, make them explain your vision and requirements, and allow them to plan the best for you.

Thus, listen to builders to ensure that you get the custom home of your vision.

As mentioned, no one can explain you better than the experts. Thus, our custom home builder Gainesville FL experts recommend you listen to the builders, before deciding out on anything.

These are some of the top ways to choose a custom home design. Our custom home builders in Gainesville Fl team understands that your home is your dream. This is why our team ensures that it crafts your dream home with perfection.

You can count on our team to get the job done perfectly. With us, the transformation of your dreams into reality is assured. To let your dreams transform into reality efficiently, call us at 386-755-9314.

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5 tips to choose a right custom home builder

Building a custom home is a giant task. There are plenty of things where you need to get right. One wrong decision and the home of your dreams might never become a reality. As much as the custom home a big investment is, it is necessary to be extremely meticulous with every step you take. Choosing the right custom home builder is one of them. However, Sparks Construction, one of the most experienced Home Builders in Gainesville FL might be an option you can count on.

In this article, we list some of the most important tips you can keep in mind to ensure that you don’t go wrong in terms of choosing the right custom home builder.

Tips to choose a right custom home builder

Check out some of the best tips to choose the right custom home builder.
1) Consider Experience: Experience is an important thing that you need to consider while choosing the right custom home builder. How long the company has been building homes? What is the number of projects they have been involved in? These are some aspects you can consider in terms of the experience factor.

2) Licensed Team: Always check out the license and certifications of the custom home builder you desire to hire. These things validate the proficiency of the home builder. Checking the license and certification always gives you a unique mental peace which is a major benefit of this factor.

3) Don’t Hesitate to Compare: Comparisons help! Whether it’s about price, or success ratio, or even experience, comparisons help you to get clarity on several things. Thus, don’t hesitate to compare several home builders and figure out who’s the best for you.

4) Your Budget: You need to take care of your budget while choosing the right custom home builder. Always keep in mind that choosing the right custom home builder by no means implies that you cross your budget at all. Choose the option that is cost-effective and at the same time offers quality work. Reach out to Sparks Construction, New Home Construction Company in Gainesville FL to get the most cost-effective services.

5) Check Google Reviews: One of the major benefits of the digital era is that the things like Google Reviews always help. It is highly advised to check out the Google Reviews of the custom home company you wish to hire to get a clear idea of their past projects.

These tips will surely help you to select the right custom home builder for your dream home. However, you need not look further than Sparks Construction, an experienced Custom Home Builder in Gainesville FL at 386-755-9314.

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Why it is Important to Choose the Right Home Builder?

Numerous factors determine why it is important to choose the right home builder for your new home construction. Below are some factors for the right choice:

  • Experience – This is the most important factor while choosing a home builder. Check the builder’s past projects and years of experience and check if they have built something like what you are looking for.
  • Licensed & Insured: – The builder will be constructing on your property so it is important to find out if the builder is licensed & insured and also adherent to the occupational safety standards otherwise it may create a liability for you. Only pick a builder who is licensed and insured. Saving some bucks with an unlicensed or uninsured contractor is not worth considering the bigger liability it may create for you in case of a construction accident.
  • Overbudgeting: – Many people are facing this type of issue where the builder exceeded your set budget. So, choose a builder that works in your set budget. 
  • Warranty Period: – Make sure you hire a professional builder who gives you warranty. Newer homes experience issues like land settlement, cracks and maintenance is required in the first few years. The builder should offer post-construction warranty service and cover up these costs.
  • Workmanship: Workmanship is a key factor in choosing a builder. Check on the builder’s demo homes or their existing client homes. Also ask the builder’s existing clients especially who have lived 2-5 years in their homes and get a feedback as to what maintenance was required in their home. This will give you an idea about the builder’s workmanship.
  • Avoid Extra Charges: – Many builders charge extra against the guidelines. So, make sure you got through the amount and taxes on your bill. Good communication between you and the builder will make your construction process smoother.

I hope this will give you a clear idea that why it is important to choose the right builder for new home construction in Gainesville, FL

Call Sparks Construction at 386-755-9314 to build your dream home. 

What are the Most Expensive Parts of Building a House?

Many people who are building their house are not able to understand in which things their money will go much as per their expectations. So here are some points that can give you an estimate that where you are spending more money while building a new house.

  • Foundation &Excavation: – You may be surprised to hear that excavation, disposing the dirt out of the site, and building the foundation amounts to about 10-15% of the total home construction cost. This is so as it involves so many services.
  • Electric systems/HVAC & Plumbing: – Most people in the US use HVAC system, water heater, and fireplace in their home. Other than this, electric wiring, placing electrical & water outlets, etc. is also involved. This amounts to another 15-20% of your home cost.
  • Interior (Drywall & Flooring): – You might be aware of that hardwood flooring can be an awfully expensive material to buy rather than using carpets in the house. Drywall & flooring amount to about 30% of your total home cost.  
  • Other:There are so many things which I have merge in this point like roofing, painting, siding, drywall, cabinets, windows & doors, countertops, etc. which amount to another 30% of your home cost.

I hope this gives you an idea about the costs involved in building your new home.

If you are looking for a custom home builder in Gainesville, FL, then Sparks Construction can help you.

As a professional, we construct your dream home with qualitative material and affordable rates. We are the best home builders in Gainesville, FL.

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What are the Major Phases of New Home Construction in Gainesville, FL?

Today we will share three major phases for a new home construction project.

  • Design Phase: – You all know how important it is to have a base at the beginning of anything and in the field of construction design is considered as a base. So, after completing your design you can calculate the project cost, what equipment, and materials will be needed, etc. In short, you can get an approximate cost estimate or estimate range in the design phase
  • Construction Phase: – Once your design phase is completed then builder starts working on the construction phase or the home structure.  Here are some steps of home building process for your better understanding.
  • Site Preparation and Foundation
  • Framing
  • Installation of Plumbing & Electrical Services
  • Install Insulation Interior Finishing (Drywall & Flooring, Kitchen, Bathroom & Vanities)
  • Exterior Finishing (Stone/Brick Cladding, roofing, grading/landscaping)
  • Final Walkthrough

In between this construction process builder discuss directly with the customer for the on-ground changes. Here, a builder can show the effectiveness and quality of his work. 

  1. Post-Construction Phase: – The work of any builder is not only to build a house and end up their work. Rather he must give post-construction services like manufacturer warranties, maintenance/address issues, etc. Because it all comes under post-construction services, it is the right of the customer to ask for such facilities.

So, a good relationship between builder and customer is a must for the above phases. If you are looking for new home construction in Gainesville, FL, then Sparks Construction can help you with its skills and experiences. 

Call us at 386-755-9314 to build your dream home. 

How do I build a custom home on a budget in Gainesville, FL?

Many people think that building a custom home in Florida is expensive for them and it may not fit their budget. We suggest you do not give up on your dream home. You can build a custom home in your budget with proper planning, smart work, and some research. 

You can save money in many ways when building a new house. Similarly, we have some tips for you that can save your money when building your dream home.

  • Ask Some Questions to Yourself: You just need to find out which things are most important as per your family needs. For example: if you have a family with children, a kid’s bedroom would be good. If not, you can do away with it. 

Ask some simple questions like:

  1. How many rooms you need and what will be the size?
  2. How large your home needs are?
  3. How much storage space is required? etc.
  • Find out a builder: – Your builder is the only one who can save your money while constructing your home. Talk freely with your builder about your budget and then go with your builder for touring other homes because that will give you a better idea of the builder’s craftsmanship. If the builder has already built a home close to your requirements, go check it out. That will save you a lot of work and expenses.
  • Pick a pre-designed home plan & do not customize it too much – Builders have home plans you can choose from. If your requirements match one of their plans, it will save you a lot of money. If you go with your own custom home plan, it will cost a lot more. Also making major structural changes and adding too many upgrades will cost more. For e.g. you can easily spend $10,000-20,000 extra on upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. Is it worth it? Ask yourself and decide.
  • Find Out different Construction Loans: – As we all aware and familiar with traditional mortgages. If you are building your home, then you must know construction loans are quite different from traditional mortgages. We provide you a quick review of the various loans. 
  1. Lot or land loans: In this, you can get a loan when you buy a site but not ready to build and these loans are for a very shorter term, with high down payments and interest rates.
  2. Construction loan: These loans are also for the short term and help you with the construction costs. Your builder can help you with this because you need to describe your building plans. 
  3. All in one construction loan: These are also known as permanent loans because in this you just need to pay only fees and closing costs.
  • Shop around for materials: – Communicate with your builder and shop around nearby for the building raw material. So, it can save your money, or you can check the quality of the raw material and select the best designs. 
  • Find Out if You Qualify for Energy Efficiency Rebates: – It is a good way to reduce the cost of your new home by installing energy-efficient equipment.  
  • Good Quality Appliances: – Energy-efficient appliances stay longer because they stand for their quality. Even energy stars of your appliances may help you with utility bills. If your builder is providing you with appliances, ask them for a list of appliances they will provide.

There are several other considerations, but these are the important tips that can save your money while building a custom home. If you are looking for a custom home builder in Gainesville, FL, then hire Sparks Construction to build your dream home.

Call us at 386-755-9314 and get in touch with us to build your dream home.

Benefits of Building a New Custom Home

We all live with a dream that we should have our own dream house where we can live with our family happily and peacefully. There are many benefits of owning a new custom home as compared to being a second or third owner of an existing property. So, let’s see what the benefits of custom homes are: –

  1. Personalization: – The word personalization itself indicates that you get freedom in your own home. You can build your new home the way you want. Buying an existing home may not fit your needs precisely. It would be better to build your own house as per your choice.
  1. Unique Finishing of the Home: – While building a new home, you can freely select designs for living room, kitchen, master bedroom etc. Even you have freedom to choose which type of furniture & shades you want in your custom home. And the interior, exterior, garage and garden you can built by your own choice.
  1. Lower Maintenance Costs: – It is a most important benefit of custom homes. In this you do not need to worry about repairs, reconfiguration, and upgrades because you are building a new home. But if you purchase a pre-existing home, then you have to pay additional for repairs and modifications. So, ultimately a new home saves you a lot of maintenance headaches.
  1. Floor Plan & Optimization: – If you are buying an existing home you may have to do so many changes like floor renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom upgrades, and more. so, it will all increase your time, cost and efforts. That is why it is better to build a new custom home.
  1. Superior Quality: – If you purchase pre-existing home then you are responsible for its quality and damage. Because when you have the choice to select qualitative materials for building your own custom home then why shouldn’t you go for that?
  1. Great feeling: If you have owned or entered a newly built home, it feels fresh, positive, and clean…overall a great feeling. Many existing homes that are not maintained well often smell and don’t give you that great feeling of owning your own home.

There are several other benefits, but these points discussed above will help you to decide between purchasing a pre-existing home or build a new custom home. 

If you are looking for new home construction in Gainesville, FL, then Sparks Construction can help you to build your dream home according to your choice. 

We are the top-rated home builders in Gainesville, FL & have been serving North Florida since 2004.

Call us at 386-755-9314 to build your new custom home.

10 Steps involved in a New Home Construction

As your new home blueprints, designs, and other work get finalized or approved, and construction has been started, here are the 10 most important steps involved in building a new home. Most builders will adhere to this construction process:

  1. Land Preparation: – It is the first and most important step because it is your base. If your land is ready, then the construction process moves ahead and it includes clearing the area, digging trenches, etc.
  1. Foundation: – It depends on which part of the country you are building your home. But mostly the foundation will be made of concrete, sand, and steel rods. And it does not matter what kind of foundation is poured, in the last, it will be sprayed with a waterproofing material.
  1. Framing: – In this step, framing includes subfloors, floor joists, walls, staircase and roofs. You can also say that it is a bone of the home or its outer structure.
  1. HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical: – In this step, subcontractor install the major systems of the home like plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, heating & cooling ducts, etc. This requires a signoff from a local inspector.
  1. Insulation: – In this step, insulation will be applied on exterior walls, attics, basement, and crawl spaces. And home’s insulation needs will be different as per the climate.
  1. Drywall: – In this step, drywall panels are installed or hung with screws and taped and mudded.
  1. Interior and Exterior Finishing:- As you understand by its name, interior finishing this step includes doors, kitchen counters & cabinets, window sills, baseboards, casings, hard-surfaced flooring, etc. and exterior finishing includes walkways, patio, driveways, and gardening, etc. come into the exterior. This finishing work comes after the above steps. Some builders also do exterior finishing after the home interior construction is completed.
  1. Staircase & Flooring Installation: – In this stage, carpet and hardwood flooring are installed by the builder. Also, your hardwood or carpet is installed on the staircase
  1. Final Inspection: – In this step, once the construction is completed a final inspection is done by a local building official. As the official passes the documents then you will get a certificate of occupancy.
  1. Final Walkthrough:- Before you will move to your new home, do a final walkthrough with your builder to identify that the list of items that need to be repaired are completed or is there any other damage, electrical defects, etc. you need to check and then enjoying your new home.

If you are looking for new home construction in Gainesville, FL, then Sparks Construction can help you with a custom home design and construction services. We are a leading custom home builder in North Florida since 2004.

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What should you not forget when building a new house?

If you are building a new custom home, you must list your needs and what you want to include in your new home. Here is a list of things you must include when you are building a new home.

  • Know/Decide your budget / Talk about your budget
  • Check builder’s reputation / Ask them for work references
  • Ask for Extra outlets for electricity
  • Ask for Energy-efficient (LED) lighting and solarium
  • Master Room with his & her walk-in closet
  • Extra Mudroom
  • Garage floor drain
  • Wine cellar if you are a wine lover
  • Kitchen with granite countertop & under cabinet lighting etc.
  • His & her bathroom sink
  • Embedded Safe
  • Garage with extra space

As you know, there are many things to include when building a custom home, but these are the important ones you need to think of. We can help you to build a new custom home according to your needs. We are one of the leading custom home builders in Gainesville, FL.

Call us at 386-755-9314 to build your dream home.

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